CBD Hemp Flower Alien Skunk




OurĀ  farming techniques are brand new and unique to the CBD market scene. We set out trying to create a stronger and tastier breed of the different strains of CBD Hemp Flower we had at our disposal. When of those so happens to be Pineapple Express. From our rigorous testing we believe that we have created one of the strongest strains of Alien Skunk from what we learned from Pineapple Express. Now it is is available in 7oz cans that anyone over the age of 21 can purchase. Everyone who has tried our strain agrees that it is the strongest that they have tried. We believe it is also the same for you.

The coolest thing about CBD Hemp Flower is the fact that it does not give you a psychedelic high that regular marijuana can. Yet it can be smoked and enjoyed the same. It looks, feels, and also smells the same as the real deal. Which is why it is recommended not to use it out in public as it can draw unwanted attention. It can also cause you to fail a drug test due to some corporations counting CBD as THC. Which is why we recommend that you use this product responsibly and under your own roof. Defiantly not in the public eye either.


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